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Nigerian democracy as a pole vault

Nigerians celebrated twenty five years of Democracy  last Wednesday, June 12. I did not mean to dampen the enthusiasm. I am not a killjoy.  But democracy is not a declaration, it is  a praxis. It is not what we wish, but what we live.  Is this something  to voice out in   a country that has rolled out the drums to celebrate Democracy Day?  I remember a basic Read More…

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Rising Profile of Nganga Igbo Performance Group

Nganga is the name of dance group ringing bells in the United Kingdom. The magnetizing dancing steps almost always hold the audiences spellbound. Nganga is a group of four exceptionally talented artistes, namely Ifemelumma Nweri, Sandra Nwaizigbo, Chigozie Oguejiofor, and Chinedu Chimodo poised to give the Igbo dance a global reach. Nganga has been quite Read More…

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Europe at work, please don’t disturb

THE on-going right wing shifts in European parliamentary elections give the impression that there are seismic shifts in the plates of its politics. Please don’t worry yourself. There are no possibilities of earthquakes. These are mere rumblings in the belly of its body politic. It is said that Europe’s far-right gained historic grounds in the elections, but the lesson for us Read More…

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Navigating real estate in Lagos during the rainy season

As the rainy season sets in, renting real estate in Lagos requires a strategic approach to avoid potential pitfalls. The metropolis, known for its bustling urban life and dynamic real estate market, transforms significantly under the deluge of seasonal rains. Prospective renters must be vigilant and informed to make sound decisions. Here are essential tips Read More…

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A guide to buying Nigerian stock

Investing in stocks can be an exciting journey, and the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NGX) offers opportunities for both seasoned investors and beginners. Here are some key points to consider: Understand Shares: Outstanding shares are those held by external investors. The Nigerian Exchange Group (NGX): How to Buy Shares: Remember, investing involves risks, so make informed Read More…