Family & Kids Featured Life Notes Ugoma Johnson

December is not a deadline – don’t kill yourself

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Christmas season which is a celebration that is peculiar to December is always interesting and fun-filled. The joy of the season is such that is felt by all, including none Christians. Most businesses seem to boom more during the Christmas season and most business people always look forward to it. It is also an Read More…

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‘Jollof Wars’ shows up at 2022 Lagos food festival as govt partners chefs

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Lagos State Government and the Culinary Arts Professionals Association (CAPA) have announced that the 2022 Lagos Food Festival will feature Nigerian and other African foods. The competition for the best “Jollof rice” among Nigeria and other African nations will also be part of the festival. At a press conference to introduce the initiative at Read More…

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Abuja goes live on Saturday for massive AFAA Festival

Reading Time: 2 minutes Residents and visitors to Abuja are in for a thrill for two days when the 2022 edition of the African Fashion and Arts Vendors’ Festival (AFAA) kicks off on Saturday, November 19. The festival which will be held at the Department of Arts and Culture, Pavilion Centre, Abuja, will feature an exhibition of fashion, arts, Read More…

Family & Kids Featured Life Notes Ugoma Johnson

Kindness can be learned too!

Reading Time: 2 minutes One of the things I would encourage people, not just parents, but anyone who is saddled with the responsibility of raising a child either as a parent, guardian, caregiver, coach, teacher, or mentor is to teach the child KINDNESS. Yes!! You heard me right, kindness can also be learned from home or from anyone willing Read More…

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Family & Kids Featured Life Notes Ugoma Johnson

The Beauty Of Youthfulness

Reading Time: 3 minutes Last year, I authored and released a book titled NOW THAT YOU ARE YOUNG. In that book, I addressed many issues that perturb young people and how they can soar above the challenges of being young to chart a new course for themselves. Do you know that youthfulness can be an advantage or a disadvantage Read More…

Family & Kids Featured Life Notes Ugoma Johnson

There’s nothing shameful about being a virgin

Reading Time: 3 minutes It often baffles me how people are shamed and talked down on when they openly admit that they are virgins. I mean, it is okay to feel uneasy for whatever reason best known to you when people around you proudly talk about their virginity, especially if you have offered yours on a platter of gold. Read More…