53 Tafawa Balewa Crescent, off Adeniran Ogunsanya St, Surulere, Lagos
NGN500 - NGN10,000

10 Adenuga Street, Surulere, Lagos
NGN6,000 - NGN30,000

Shops GD2/GA5 Balogun Plaza, Balogun, Lagos
NGN15,000 - NGN30,000

Eight African women-led businesses triumph in 2023 YouthADAPT challenge

In Abuja, the African Development Bank (AfDB) proudly announced the victory of eight vibrant African women-led enterprises in the 2023 YouthAdapt challenge. Each business is set to receive grant funding of up to $100,000, affirmed by a statement issued by the AfDB during the COP28 in Dubai. These winners will also be enrolled in a comprehensive mentorship and coaching programme, spanning 12 months, as part of the initiative. Since its inception in 2021, YouthADAPT has disbursed over $5 million to 33 young entrepreneurs from 19 African nations, nurturing innovative climate change adaptation solutions. Focused on empowering female-owned enterprises to steer Fourth Industrial

Electric vehicles surprisingly outpace oil demand reduction at COP28 Conference, reveals IEA

According to a report unveiled at the COP28 climate conference in Dubai by the International Energy Agency (IEA), the global drive toward electric vehicles (EVs) is markedly denting the demand for fossil fuels, despite concerns about the sluggish reduction in fossil fuel consumption to combat climate change. Industry experts note that soaring sales of EVs have hastened the timeline for global oil usage to reach its peak. The IEA projects the world's oil consumption will crest at 103 million barrels per day by the end of this decade, significantly earlier than previously estimated. Apostolos Petropoulos from the IEA highlighted, "Policy support for

German Institute urges EU-Africa WTO reform to counter Chinese influence

The German Economic Institute (IW) is advocating for a strategic collaboration between the European Union (EU) and African nations to overhaul World Trade Organisation (WTO) subsidy regulations, aiming to mitigate Chinese market imbalances and diplomatic leverage. In a recent publication, the IW proposed this strategy, emphasising the need to address distortions caused by China's economic influence. The IW's proposal, released ahead of the EU-China summit, underscores the pressing concern of unfair competition, notably observed in the European Commission's probe into Chinese electric vehicles, which commenced three months ago. The issue of reforming subsidy regulations is expected to be a pivotal discussion at
Football Sports Top Story

Lionel Messi crowned Time Magazine’s Athlete of the Year 2023

Argentinian maestro Lionel Messi secured Time magazine’s Athlete of the Year for 2023, marking a triumphant year that encompassed his eighth Ballon d’Or victory and an illustrious move to Inter Miami, significantly amplifying soccer’s presence in the U.S. Messi’s instrumental role in leading Argentina to their first World Cup title in 36 years, triumphing over Read More…

Revitalising Nigeria through Reading Promotions

by Richard Mammah, President, NBRP (www.nbrp.org.ng) Let me begin by thanking Olatoun Gabi-Williams, initiator of the African Perspectives Series, Founder, Borders Literature for All Nations, UN SDG Book Club African Chapter Publicist and Management Committee Member, for availing us this much-needed platform that enables us to share details about the Network of Book Clubs and Reading Culture Promoters (NBRP) in Nigeria. This article will be written from the perspective of NBRP’s potential to contribute to the realisation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, UNSDGs. About NBRP NBRP emerged on the Nigerian national readership promotion scene in February 2023 with the following stated aims

The Role of Worldreader in achieving SDG 4 – Inclusive, Equitable and Quality Education: The East African Perspective

By Joan Mwachi-Amolo (Kenya) Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4) aims to “ensure inclusive, equitable and quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.” Among its several core targets are universal youth literacy, early childhood development, universal pre-primary, primary and secondary education, and education for sustainable development and global citizenship. To reach SDG 4, unequal access to and quality of education must be fixed, and effective and inclusive learning environments must be created. It also requires supporting teachers, educators, and families as they facilitate learning. Tackling the Global Learning Crisis: The Transformational Power of Reading Reading is the foundation of all learning.

The Role of Libraries in realising SDG 4 – Inclusive, Equitable and Quality Education: The West African Perspective

By Nkem Osuigwe Libraries exist within the formal and informal sectors of the learning ecosystem. They are very important to learning in schools and in the different communities where they live all over Africa. They are critical for achieving an inclusive, equitable, and quality education where no one is left behind including those who are in employment and cannot attend school full-time and/or are taking online courses. They are also critical for those who have fallen through the cracks of the educational system as school dropouts at various stages of their educational journey or out-of-school children. Before School Age Public libraries introduce preschool

Dry Season Must-Haves and Dos

The Harmattan season, which is unique to the Western part of Africa, just debuted a few days ago and there's been lots of excitement in the air. This period is a personal favourite as I'm not so much of a fan of the rainy season.  One of the things it reminds us of is our childhood. We're flooded with so many memories of what we did as kids around this time. It also tells us that Christmas is just around the corner. Harmattan is the smell of Christmas and New Year, no caps.  This season is usually between the middle of November

Giving to Build God’s House

(1 Chronicles 29:1-19) At the very root of the subject of giving to God are the following questions: Why should we give of our time, our talents and treasures to the Lord at all? What are the right reasons for giving to God? There are various reasons why people give their offerings or service to God. Some people think that God actually needs their contributions and that without their valuable help, God's work simply cannot go on. Others regard their giving or service as a form of payment for their membership in a church. To them what they give is like

Top signs that you’re the problem in your relationship

It's very easy to find fault in others, seeing their mistakes and things they're not doing. Sometimes it's not them; it's us. Many people haven't learned to look themselves in the mirror and tell themselves the truth. I have been in situations where I listened to people complain about their relationships and a few things I picked about their personalities pointed to the fact they were the ones with the problem. A guy complaining about his partner never listening to him or doing what he says is simply a control freak. Another one who never hesitates to throw their partner under


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