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Autogas: Where’s the N250 Billion?

The removal of the fuel subsidy announced by President Bola Tinubu on May 29, 2023, need not have resulted in the mass misery that has further alienated Nigerians from their government, if only the plans ceremoniously rolled out by the immediate past government to provide succour for the people before the fuel subsidy was abolished, Read More…

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If democracy comes to grief, blame politicians!

There are some bitter truths that those in the temporary house of power may not like to hear. One such truth is the fact that democracy is not a surefire assurance that a country will prosper. Autocracy, its supposed opposite, is also not guaranteed to lead to misery. If Democracy were an infallible system of Read More…

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No Re-orientation, No Patriotism

Nigerians are a rare breed — at once contemptuous of their country and fiercely defensive of it. When arguing among themselves, Nigerians criticise their country viciously as if the country means nothing to them. Well, it doesn’t— because it hasn’t bothered to achieve an emotional bonding with the younger generation who account for three-quarters of Read More…