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Military or civilian, a coup is a coup!

Coup-making is not the exclusive preserve of soldiers or the armed forces. Civilians, too, do stage coups. In Nigeria, we have had our fair share of coups and counter-coups and have resolved that our collective aspirations as a people are best served by a government of the people, for the people, and by the people. Read More…

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Enough is enough! That was the sentiment expressed by Nigerians following the recent gale of kidnappings and terror attacks unleashed by bandits on defenceless Nigerians in various parts of Nigeria, especially in the northern parts (Kaduna, Plateau and Taraba states) where trips hitherto classified as routine are now acknowledged as a walk in the valley Read More…

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Tinubu Should Avoid Gay Trap

As 2023 was marching its way into history, futurologists are busy decoding the cryptic signs of the times. Many people are wondering what the future holds. The times are hard. The old year had all but overstretched whatever elasticity the mood of Nigerians, famously tagged the happiest people on earth, could boast of.  The villages Read More…