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From Preacher’s Daughter to Champion for Women: The Journey of Rantiade Benson-Idahosa

When Rantiade Evon Benson-Idahosa was growing up, she must have thought that her life was meant for the spiritual path because she was the daughter of the famous Archbishop Benson Idahosa and his equally influential wife Archbishop Margaret Benson Idahosa. However, things took another turn, and she became a lawyer of no mean repute in Read More…

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Building Bridges to Empowerment: UpYou! Women’s Conference

Ezinne Kufre-Ekanem is the host of the UpYou! Women’s Conference with the theme, ‘Building Bridges from Within’, which aims to address the pervasive sense of unfulfillment among women as a result of unfulfilled aspirations and dreams. The interview with Ezinne Kufre-Ekanem, the visionary CEO of Rosemary’s Furnishings and the driving force behind the UpYou! movement Read More…

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How to Prosper in a Hostile Business/Work Environment

(Daniel 6: 13-28) Many workers and owners of businesses today testify that the environment in which they work or do business is hostile. It is hostile to their health, to their family life, to their faith in God, and to their material and spiritual well-being. Nigeria is reputed to be one of the most corrupt Read More…