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Ikorodu Local Government pledges overseas agricultural training for youths

In Ikorodu, Lagos State, Mr. Wasiu Adesina, Chairman of the local government, announced plans to sponsor at least 50 youths on agricultural training abroad. The aim is to familiarise them with diverse production processes and modern farming techniques.

Adesina emphasised the significance of this initiative, stating, “My administration is committed to empowering youths through education and skill development in agriculture, contributing positively to our community, Lagos State, and the nation as a whole.”

He expressed a dedication to youth empowerment, highlighting the plan to send these individuals abroad in batches to learn modern agricultural techniques. Adesina stressed the importance of these youths returning to share their acquired knowledge, thereby empowering others and fostering employment opportunities.

Adesina underscored the crucial role of such training in deterring youth involvement in criminal activities, emphasising the importance of investing in education and job creation.


The selection process for beneficiaries will involve rigorous screening by stakeholders and APC party leaders in the area, ensuring the most deserving candidates receive this opportunity.

The chairman also highlighted his administration’s accomplishments in 2023, including infrastructure development, distribution of educational materials, and healthcare initiatives, aiming to enhance community welfare.

Looking ahead, Adesina pledged to further solidify these achievements through Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects, notably mentioning plans for constructing a central motor park to alleviate traffic congestion and boost revenue generation.

Adesina reassured the community of his commitment to implementing developmental projects, aiming to enhance the community’s prosperity and access to the dividends of democracy.


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