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SCOAN counters allegations against late TB Joshua

A BBC report disclosed allegations made by numerous ex-Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) members, including five British nationals, against the late TB Joshua. These accusations, spanning nearly two decades, include incidents of rape and forced abortions allegedly perpetrated within a secretive Lagos compound.

The Synagogue Church of All Nations responded to the BBC documentary, refuting the claims made against TB Joshua. The church denounced the documentary as unfounded and highlighted that the individuals interviewed in the report were unknown to the institution.

In a statement signed by its Public Affairs Director, Mr. Dare Adejumo, SCOAN expressed their stance on the matter, condemning the documentary’s portrayal of atrocities against the late founder. The church highlighted the importance of fairness, balance, and objectivity in journalism as pillars that ensure dignity and respect, labelling the BBC’s approach as a departure from these principles.

The church further criticised the BBC’s investigative unit, Africa Eye, for presenting what they deemed “fictional narratives and propaganda.” They accused the BBC of transforming into a tool for a malicious agenda, undermining the true essence of journalism and aiming for personal gain against a perceived adversary.


According to the BBC’s report, numerous former members of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, including five British individuals, had made grave allegations against the late TB Joshua, implicating him in a series of atrocities. These allegations, spanning almost two decades, paint a harrowing picture of abuse within a clandestine Lagos compound.

The BBC’s exhaustive investigation, conducted over two years, revealed shocking details. Eyewitness accounts recounted instances of physical violence and torture, allegedly carried out by Joshua. Reports included incidents of child abuse and individuals being subjected to whipping and chaining.

Additionally, several women claimed to have been sexually assaulted by Joshua, with some alleging repeated rapes that occurred over the years within the compound. Disturbingly, multiple accusations detailed instances of forced abortions allegedly performed within the church following the reported sexual assaults by Joshua.

One woman even claimed to have undergone five terminations. Moreover, firsthand testimonies shed light on Joshua’s alleged manipulation of “miracle healings,” suggesting that these acts were fabricated and televised to millions worldwide.


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