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Lagos State commences removal of closed inner road gates for enhanced accessibility

To enhance accessibility and restore the city’s master plan, the Lagos State Government initiated the removal of permanently closed inner road gates situated in the Lekki Phase I area. The exercise aims not only to address the challenges faced by motorists but also to revamp the overall environmental aesthetics.

The decision to undertake this enforcement operation, authorised by the Governor, comes after residents encountered severe traffic congestion due to restricted access to connecting roads in the Lekki area. Several roads and streets, including Sir Rufus Foluso Giwa, Theophilus Oji, Osaro Isokpan, among others, have undergone enforcement since the operation’s commencement.

Commissioner for MOE&WR, Tokunbo Wahab, emphasised the significance of restoring the city’s aesthetics, citing the detrimental impact of the indiscriminate placement of gates across various parts of the state. Wahab highlighted the need to address this issue, considering its adverse effects on the visual appeal and functionality of the environment.

Expressing the government’s stance on the matter, Wahab urged resident associations with permanently closed gates in their estates or communities to voluntarily remove them. The aim is not just to alleviate the inconvenience faced by motorists but also to reinstate the original layout of the city, ensuring a healthier and more accessible environment for all.


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