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Egyptian 34-penalty-kick football drama grips global audiences: Epic Super Cup showdown!

In a nail-biting semifinal of the Egyptian Super Cup on Monday, Modern Future emerged victorious in a heart-stopping 34-penalty shootout against Pyramids, clinching a 14-13 win after a goalless draw, marking a tense climax at Abu Dhabi’s Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium.

According to Modern Future’s coach, “The tension was palpable with each kick, and the team showed incredible resilience.” The dramatic shootout finally concluded when Pyramids’ defender, Osama Galal, missed the crucial penalty shot, sealing Future’s triumph.

Despite squandering three penalty opportunities, Modern Future persevered, ultimately securing their place in the final against either Al Ahly or Ceramica Cleopatra. Pyramids, on the other hand, faced defeat after failing to convert their fourth penalty attempt.

Reflecting on the intensity of the shootout, a spectator mentioned, “It felt like an endless battle of nerves, but it fell short of the record-breaking 54 penalties seen in a local cup match in England last year when Washington FC claimed a 25-24 victory over Bedlington Terriers.”


Interestingly, this epic encounter also fell behind the 48-penalty spectacle witnessed during a 2005 Namibian Cup match between KK Palace and Civics, showcasing the rarity but undeniable drama of lengthy penalty shootouts in football history.

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