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Arnold Schwarzenegger Gushes About Having Chris Pratt as a Son-in-Law

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is singing his praises for Chris Pratt!

During the Kindergarten Cop Zoom reunion hosted by Yahoo Entertainment on Monday (December 21), the 73-year-old actor and former California governor said that he “never, ever thought” his daughter Katherine Schwarzenegger would end up marrying an actor.

Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt

“I said to myself, ‘She probably will be sick and tired of being dragged to [movie] sets,’” Arnold said with a laugh, since he often brought the 31-year-old author to his movie sets when she was growing up.

Despite that initial thought, Arnold said that the 41-year-old actor is a “fantastic guy” and that he’s glad Chris is part of their family.


“I’m really happy because he has been a wonderful, wonderful husband to her, and such a great son-in-law,” Arnold said, while adding that Chris is “so easy to get along with.”

Arnold also talked about being a first-time grandfather to Chris and Katherine‘s 4-month-old daughter Lyla.

“They always say it’s the most fun thing to be a grandfather, because you have no responsibility,” Arnold shared. “As soon as my daughter gave birth to this beautiful baby girl, I got hundreds of gifts and I didn’t do anything! That’s why it’s great to be a grandfather, because you get all the credit and so many gifts and good wishes, but no responsibility.” (Just Jared)


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