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In contentious divorce, Dr. Dre Files Prenup against estranged wife, Nicole

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Dr. Dre has just laid out the prenup his wife does not acknowledge … a prenup that literally put up a financial wall between them at the beginning of their marriage.

According to the prenup, which was filed with the court and obtained by TMZ, all property they acquired from the beginning of the 1996 marriage is separate — what he acquires is his, and what Nicole Young acquires is hers.

Dre, Nicole and daughter Truly Credit: Getty Images

The prenup also says Nicole does not waive her right to spousal support. That means even if the prenup holds up in court, Nicole can get a hefty monthly sum.

As for that monthly sum, Nicole is asking the court for $2 million a month in spousal support. But, in these new legal docs, Dre’s lawyer, disso queen Laura Wasser, says Dre has voluntarily paid all of Nicole’s expenses since they split. The docs say he pays for the Malibu estate where she’s staying, security and when she wants cash, a messenger delivers it. Dre says $2 mil a month is ridiculous. His CPA filed a declaration saying her actual monthly expenses total $293,306.


As for Nicole’s lawyers asking for $5 million in attorney’s fees, Dre is calling BS, saying he’s already voluntarily paid nearly a million dollars in Nicole’s lawyer’s fees, and he adds the divorce wasn’t even filed until June. Nicole’s lawyers also have sent Dre’s lawyer a letter saying they’re owed another $1.5 mil to date … something Dre says is ridiculous. According to the docs, Dre has paid Nicole’s lawyers more than his own lawyers.

As for Nicole’s claims of emotional and physical abuse, Dre squarely denies all of them.

As for the prenup, Nicole claims Dre tore it up shortly after they were married … something he denies. According to the prenup, the only way it can be altered or terminated is in writing, and he says there has never been such a document nor has Nicole produced one. (TMZ)


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