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Aerial strike at Ethiopian Church kills eight, sparks controversy in Oromiya Region

A devastating aerial strike targeting a church compound in Ethiopia’s Oromiya region resulted in eight fatalities and five injuries, eyewitnesses and an opposition political party reported. Dismissing these claims, government spokesperson Legesse Tulu labelled the reports of the air strike as “an absolute lie.” The attack occurred at the Baro Full Gospel Church in the Read More…

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Israel, Hamas appear to abide by truce, discuss further extensions

Israeli forces and Hamas fighters appeared to be abiding by a truce for a fifth morning on Tuesday, after a four-day ceasefire was extended at the last minute for at least two days to let more hostages go free. A single column of black smoke could be seen rising above the obliterated wasteland of the Read More…

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More hostages released by Hamas despite agonising delay

A second group of Israeli hostages left Hamas captivity on Saturday after hours of delay had increased the anxiety of desperate families. The Israeli military said 13 Israelis were released in Gaza and in exchange, 39 more Palestinian prisoners were released by Israel in the West Bank. Hamas also released four Thai hostages. The first Read More…

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Israel reviews list of hostages set to be freed by Hamas on Saturday

Israel has received a list of hostages to be freed from Gaza on Saturday by Palestinian militant group Hamas, officials said, following the release of 24 hostages the previous day, the first of a planned four-day truce. Israeli security officials were reviewing the list, the office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement, Read More…

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Gaza truce begins: 50 hostages to be released

A four-day ceasefire between Israel and Hamas began on Friday at 7 a.m. local time, marking the first pause in fighting in nearly seven weeks of war. The truce, brokered by Qatar, involves a comprehensive ceasefire in north and south Gaza and will be followed by the release of some of the more than 200 Read More…

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Israel readies hospital evacuation amidst trapped babies

Israel’s military is prepared to evacuate infants from Gaza’s main hospital, Al-Shifa, amidst ongoing conflict, but Palestinian officials report people trapped inside, with two newborns dead and many at risk due to a power outage. Israel’s army, focusing on a month-long campaign to eliminate Hamas, stated its readiness to evacuate babies from Al-Shifa. Palestinian officials Read More…

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Defective drone averts potential Middle East escalation

A malfunctioning drone launched by an Iranian-backed militia in Iraq on October 26 may have played a crucial role in preventing a deeper involvement of the United States in the Middle East conflict, according to two anonymous U.S. officials familiar with the matter. The drone, penetrating U.S. air defences, crashed into the second floor of Read More…

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UN Chief urges urgent action to address Gaza Crisis and humanitarian appeal

UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, has issued a heartfelt plea for immediate international action to address the devastating crisis in Gaza and support a critical humanitarian appeal. The UN family is in mourning as 89 staff members from the UN agency aiding Palestine refugees (UNRWA) lost their lives during the turmoil in the region. Guterres emphasised Read More…

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Diplomatic efforts intensify in Middle East conflict as tensions escalate

The Biden administration is taking proactive steps to navigate the intricate web of diplomacy in the Middle East, where the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas remains a pressing concern. CIA Director William Burns, who brings a wealth of experience as a former US ambassador to Jordan, has arrived in Israel for critical talks with Read More…

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Arab Nations demand immediate Gaza ceasefire as US expresses concerns

Israeli Hostages, Humanitarian Crisis, and Diplomatic Efforts Dominate Ongoing Conflict Amid the ongoing conflict in Gaza, Arab countries are pushing for an immediate ceasefire, while the United States expresses concerns about the potential for Hamas to regroup. The situation remains complex, with Israeli hostages, a growing humanitarian crisis, and continuous diplomatic efforts in the spotlight. Read More…