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Israel readies hospital evacuation amidst trapped babies

Israel’s military is prepared to evacuate infants from Gaza’s main hospital, Al-Shifa, amidst ongoing conflict, but Palestinian officials report people trapped inside, with two newborns dead and many at risk due to a power outage.

Israel’s army, focusing on a month-long campaign to eliminate Hamas, stated its readiness to evacuate babies from Al-Shifa. Palestinian officials claim people are still trapped, with two infants dead and others at risk due to a power outage.

Al-Shifa and other hospitals in northern Gaza struggle to care for patients, facing daily injuries from Israeli bombardment. Gaza health ministry’s Ashraf Al-Qidra stated that Israeli fire hasn’t hit Al-Shifa directly but is “terrorising medical officials and civilians.”

Israel’s military spokesperson, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, announced plans to help evacuate babies from Al-Shifa, but Al-Qidra reported no information on the evacuation mechanism.


In Beit Lahiya’s Indonesian Hospital, a baby boy, Mosab Subeih, with a head injury, lacked surgeries due to a power cut.

The Palestinian Red Crescent revealed Al-Quds hospital’s dire conditions, cut off for 6-7 days with limited supplies.

Shifa and other hospitals are inaccessible for the newly wounded, leaving Gaza’s healthcare in crisis.

Israel claimed safe evacuations from three hospitals, including Shifa, but hospital director Mohammad Abu Selmeyah denied safe passage.


As the humanitarian crisis worsens, 80 foreigners and injured Palestinians crossed into Egypt, receiving little aid since the conflict began. Disease spreads in crowded shelters with minimal resources.

Hamas claims to have damaged Israeli military targets, while Israel reports progress towards a hostage deal, with Prime Minister Netanyahu announcing five more Israeli soldier deaths.

Residents report increased fighting in Al-Shati refugee camp, with civilians urged to evacuate.

Amidst continuous bombardment, Al Shifa staff reports 500 patients remaining, and the World Health Organisation expresses “grave concern” for their safety.


Reports suggest a possible hostage deal is progressing, but there has been no official confirmation from Hamas or Israel.

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