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Third Mainland Bridge nears completion: Lane markings and lights on the horizon

Lagos residents can breathe a sigh of relief as the rehabilitation of the vital Third Mainland Bridge nears completion. Minister of Works, Sen. Dave Umahi, announced during a recent infrastructure project tour that only minor work remains before the bridge reopens to the public.

“The main construction work is finished,” declared Umahi. “We’re just focusing on the final touches now.”

The remaining tasks involve painting lane markings for traffic flow and installing solar-powered street lights. “Lane marking should be completed within a week,” Umahi assured. “Solar lights will take another seven days, but the lane markings are critical. Once those are done, we’ll open the bridge unofficially.”

A formal opening ceremony will follow at a later date, combined with the launch of the coastal road project when the President visits Lagos.


Minister Umahi commended the tireless work of the Federal Controller of Works in Lagos, Mrs. Korede Keisha, and her team for their successful efforts on the bridge repairs. He received further praise from the Chairman of the House Committee on Works, Mr. Akin Alabi.

“People are impressed with what they’ve seen in the media,” Alabi remarked, acknowledging the bridge’s significance to the Lagos area. He used a colourful idiom to describe the minister, stating, “Sen. Umahi is a square peg in a square hole” – perfectly suited for the job. Alabi pledged continued parliamentary support for the minister’s endeavours.

For those unfamiliar with the Third Mainland Bridge, it’s a dual carriageway with a total of eight lanes – four in each direction. The impressive structure spans a distance of 11.8 kilometres.

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