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Haziness and cloudiness predicted over Lagos from Monday to Wednesday

The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet) has issued a weather forecast indicating haziness and cloudiness across Nigeria from Monday to Wednesday, with particular implications for Lagos and surrounding areas.

According to NiMet’s weather outlook released on Sunday in Abuja, moderate dust haze with a horizontal visibility range of 2km to 5km is expected over the northern and North Central states, including Lagos.

NiMet highlighted: “Patches of clouds are expected over the Coast in the morning with chances of isolated thunderstorms over parts of Ogun, Lagos, Delta, Rivers, and Bayelsa states during the afternoon and evening hours.”

Speaking on the forecast, a NiMet representative stated, “Lagos and neighboring areas may experience moderate dust haze with reduced visibility during the specified period, potentially affecting travel and outdoor activities.”


NiMet also anticipates isolated thunderstorms over Lagos during the forecast period, underscoring the need for residents to stay updated on weather developments.

As Wednesday approaches, NiMet envisages slight dust haze over the northern region, with patches of cloudiness over Lagos and neighboring states. The forecast suggests isolated thunderstorms may occur later in the day, affecting parts of Lagos and the South.

In light of the weather conditions, NiMet advises residents, especially those with respiratory issues, to take precautions. “People with respiratory issues should wear face masks where possible,” NiMet emphasizes. “Children and the elderly should wear warm clothing at night and moisturize their skin and lips to combat the effects of the weather.”

Furthermore, NiMet urges airline operators to obtain updated weather reports and forecasts for effective planning and operation adjustments.


As Lagos prepares for haziness and possible thunderstorms, residents are encouraged to stay informed and take necessary precautions to mitigate any adverse effects.

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