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Ban on RTEAN activities lifted, govt seeks unity in transportation Sector

The Lagos State Government has announced lifting the ban on activities of the Road Transport Employers’ Association of Nigeria (RTEAN) within the state, signalling a new phase in the transport sector’s dynamics.

According to Mr. Sola Giwa, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Transportation, the decision reflects the government’s commitment to fostering peace and enhancing collaboration among union members in Lagos.

Giwa affirmed, “The suspension’s lift is a testament to our dedication to promoting unity and cooperation among stakeholders in the transportation sector. It comes after extensive consultations with RTEAN members, the Trade Union Congress (TUC), and the public.”

Additionally, the Lagos State Parks and Garages Administrators’ Committee, responsible for managing parks and garage facilities, has been dissolved immediately, marking a significant shift in the administration of transportation facilities.


“The decision is aimed at fostering unity and peaceful co-existence while ensuring the seamless operation of transport services across Lagos,” Giwa emphasised, highlighting the government’s strategic move towards enhancing service delivery and public satisfaction.

Giwa called upon all parties involved to adhere strictly to the terms and conditions outlined in the settlement reached, emphasising the need for peaceful and sustainable operations in the transportation sector.

He urged cooperation among stakeholders, emphasising the collective responsibility to build a more efficient and effective transportation system for the benefit of all Lagos residents.

The lifting of the suspension marks a new chapter in the relationship between the Lagos State Government and RTEAN, symbolising a fresh start towards improved collaboration and service delivery.


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