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Seplat Energy reaches milestone in ANOH Gas Plant installation

Seplat Energy Plc announced the successful mechanical completion of its ANOH gas plant installation on December 29, 2023, aligning with the revised schedule, as shared by Mrs. Chioma Afe, Director of External Affairs & Social Performance at Seplat Energy.

Afe highlighted the remarkable achievement, emphasising the safety focus that resulted in completing the installation without any recordable Lost Time Incident (LTI) over 11 million working hours. She emphasized that this accomplishment underscores the team’s commitment to safe operations.

The ANOH Gas Processing Company (AGPC), a joint venture between Seplat Energy and NNPC Gas Infrastructure Company (NGIC) Ltd, has accomplished the Phase One processing capacity of 300mmscfd at the ANOH gas plant.

Upon operational commencement, the plant aims to supply dry gas, condensate, and LPG to its customers. AGPC plans to market the gas and LPG domestically while exporting the condensates to the international market.


Afe detailed that the finalisation of other essential steps, as outlined in the company’s interim results, includes the drilling and connection of upstream wells and the crucial third-party infrastructure, such as the OB3 pipeline river crossing and the Spur Line linking OB3 to the gas plant.

The completion of the fourth and final well (ASSN-06) by SPDC, the upstream unit operator, aligns with their objectives for first gas. The company now awaits the conclusion of pre-commissioning activities and crucial third-party infrastructure to enable the gas plant’s commissioning and operations.

Mr. Roger Brown, Chief Executive Officer of Seplat Energy, reiterated the significance of ANOH as a strategic project for the company, foreseeing a substantial increase in gas production upon its completion. He highlighted the dual benefits ANOH would offer Seplat—revenue from OML 53 gas sales and dividends from the joint venture ANOH Gas Processing Company.

Brown emphasised that ANOH’s gas will contribute to lowering both Seplat’s and Nigeria’s carbon footprint while bolstering energy provision in the domestic market.


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