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Nigerian Army warns against recruitment fraud in ongoing intake

The Nigerian Army issued a stern warning to candidates participating in the 86 Regular Recruits Intake, cautioning them against engaging in manipulative or fraudulent activities that could compromise the recruitment process, as stated by Maj.-Gen. Onyema Nwachukwu, Director of Army Public Relations in Abuja.

The statement was prompted by a circulating video on social media depicting the arrest of deceitful candidates attempting to exploit and undermine the fair selection of indigenous candidates from Lagos State.

Maj.-Gen. Nwachukwu emphasised that the Army is committed to upholding transparency and credibility in the recruitment process, adhering to the core values of integrity and fairness. He highlighted the video as evidence of measures taken to ensure the selection of genuine candidates from specific states.

He clarified that the State Representative, an integral part of the recruitment team, was responsible for identifying non-indigenous candidates applying for recruitment slots designated for specific states and ensuring the authenticity of claims made regarding state of origin.


The Army expressed firm disapproval of the deceitful actions by the candidates attempting to seize vacancies reserved for Lagos State indigenes, emphasising the breach in the recruitment process. An extensive investigation is set to uncover the extent of fraudulent activities and those involved.

The commitment of the Nigerian Army to collaborating with relevant authorities to hold responsible individuals accountable was reiterated by Maj.-Gen. Nwachukwu, assuring the public that appropriate legal actions will be pursued against the offenders.

In urging prospective candidates to uphold honesty and integrity during the recruitment process, the Army emphasised a strict stance against any attempts to manipulate the process, emphasising that such actions would face legal consequences.

The Nigerian Army reaffirmed its dedication to recruiting the most deserving and qualified individuals, seeking public support and cooperation to maintain the process’s integrity.


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