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Headfort Foundation empowers drivers on Human Rights Day advocacy at Ojota Park

In commemoration of the 2023 Human Rights Day, the Headfort Foundation went beyond its confines to champion the rights of drivers and motorists at Ojota Park.

Mrs. Oluyemi Orija, the Foundation’s Executive Director, highlighted the purpose of the event, aiming to enlighten commercial drivers about their fundamental rights and empower them with the knowledge to seek legal redress in case of violations.

“The goal was to educate drivers on road etiquette and their rights, enabling them to seek support from human rights lawyers, if necessary,” Orija affirmed during the event held in Ojota, Lagos.

Orija expressed the Foundation’s satisfaction in assembling representatives from law enforcement agencies such as the Police, Vehicle Inspection Office, and the Federal Road Safety Corps. The aim was to enlighten drivers on lawful expectations, ensuring effective communication in a language familiar to them.


“Our focus in 2023 is on commercial drivers due to their daily interactions with law enforcement. We brought them together to enhance their relationships and prevent rights violations,” Orija emphasized.

Asserting the importance of respecting human rights for societal progress and harmony, Orija urged law enforcement agents to execute their duties without infringing upon people’s rights.

Legal expert Mr. Kayode Mogbojuri advised drivers to consistently uphold the law in their actions, reinforcing the significance of lawful conduct.

During the event, law enforcement representatives took turns educating drivers about legal expectations on the roads, fostering better understanding and compliance.


The Park’s executives expressed appreciation to the Foundation for educating their colleagues on human rights fundamentals tailored to their profession.

Drivers actively engaged with law enforcement agents, seeking guidance on their conduct while navigating the highways, reflecting the event’s interactive nature.

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