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President Tinubu pledges economic revamp and inclusive youth opportunities in Lagos meeting

President Bola Tinubu reiterated his commitment to overhauling Nigeria’s economy and fostering meaningful opportunities for young people during a town hall gathering at the State House in Marina, Lagos. Addressing local leaders, he emphasised the need for a labour-intensive economy that encourages widespread participation.

“Our Renewed Hope Administration is steering Nigeria through financial re-engineering,” President Tinubu announced, highlighting ongoing reforms set to positively transform the nation’s economic landscape. He urged citizens to support these reforms, assuring them of a brighter economic outlook.

“The financial re-engineering is underway. We are resolute in steering Nigeria toward hope, stability, and economic prosperity,” Tinubu assured attendees, underscoring the government’s commitment to enhancing economic opportunities.

Acknowledging the challenges inherent in governance, Tinubu stressed, “This job is monumental and collective. Listening, deciphering, and tolerance are paramount. Unexpected occurrences are part of the process.”


Reflecting on the transient nature of power and the value of life, President Tinubu mourned the recent passing of Governor Rotimi Akeredeolu of Ondo and former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ghali Umar Na’Abba. He emphasised the importance of legacy and goodness for future generations.

Recalling his tenure as the Executive Governor of Lagos State, Tinubu acknowledged the challenges he faced while steering Lagos away from turmoil. He praised Lagos as the most thriving state in Nigeria and expressed gratitude to stakeholders for their support.

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu hailed Tinubu for his leadership, referring to him as the architect of modern Lagos. He praised the enduring legacy and blueprint Tinubu crafted, serving as a guiding document for providing quality services to the people.

In his address, Oba Kabiru Shotobi, the Ayangburen of Ikorodu Kingdom, urged a constitutional amendment recognising the pivotal role of traditional rulers in governance. He reiterated loyalty to the President and expressed confidence in Nigeria’s potential under Tinubu’s leadership, envisioning an enviable economic status for the nation.


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