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Crafting Unique Scents and Navigating the Fragrance World

I’m Osadebe Frances, also known as The Perfume Madam. My journey into the captivating world of fragrances began in 2013 with a modest investment of just N14,000. At that time, I acquired approximately 120 fragrances from Federico Mahora Nigeria, setting the foundation for my aromatic adventure.

In 2018, I embarked on a new chapter, launching my own perfume brand. Starting small, I introduced two distinctive fragrances – Deep Kiss and Aura Body Mists. Remarkably, one of these creations, Ecstasy EDP, swiftly ascended to the title of bestseller.

Today, my fragrant footprint has expanded to encompass a diverse array of unique fragrances under my own brand. However, my journey doesn’t stop there. I also craft bespoke fragrances, tailored to the individual’s desires, and collaborate with fragrance brands seeking to outsource their fragrance production through private labelling.

The beauty of creating your fragrance lies in the knowledge that what you wear is truly one-of-a-kind, a scent that cannot be replicated unless you choose to share it with the world.


As I navigated the fragrance industry, I recognised two significant gaps that needed to be addressed. Firstly, there was a scarcity of resources to guide newcomers in the fragrance business, assisting them in understanding the different fragrance types and navigating the complexities of this aromatic realm. Secondly, novice perfumers were struggling to access vital information and ingredients required to craft high-quality fragrance products.

This recognition spurred the birth of The Perfume Madam Brand. The core mission is simple: to empower and guide aspiring perfume retailers and perfumers, helping them navigate the intricate world of fragrances and find what best suits their unique aspirations.

With a background in fragrance retailing, as a fragrance recommendation expert at MY PERFUME SHOP NIGERIA, I’ve not only honed my skills but also gained experience in teaching fragrance creation, consulting for fragrance businesses, and overseeing fragrance production.

I work with individuals who aspire to learn the art of fragrance creation, establish their fragrance brand, or create personalised scents for personal or corporate use. My clientele spans a wide spectrum, from novice perfume enthusiasts to established fragrance brand owners looking to leave their mark on industry-standard products. This also includes those seeking private-label fragrances and corporate entities interested in offering fragrance souvenirs.


The Perfume Madam’s mission is straightforward: to help you become a more skilled perfumer, find your unique place in this vibrant industry, connect you with the right ingredients adhering to industry standards, and empower you to create fragrances that genuinely reflect your individuality.


If you’re a novice or someone considering entering the fragrance business, I understand that it can initially feel overwhelming. The vast pool of information, the array of fragrance types, and the intricate details of the business can be intimidating. That’s where The Perfume Madam comes in.

My programs are designed to make your fragrance journey more accessible and comprehensible. My clients learn how to create various fragrance types:


1. FINE FRAGRANCES, including perfumes, colognes, and body mists.

2. FUNCTIONAL FRAGRANCES, used in skincare products and cleaning liquids.

3. HOME FRAGRANCES, such as diffusers, room sprays, and linen sprays.

The exciting part is that you can learn to create these fragrances in the comfort of your own home, ultimately allowing you to establish your unique signature brand.


I employ a versatile teaching approach, offering education through ebooks, physical classes, online video courses, and mentorship programs. My course offerings include:

1. The Perfume Making Comprehensive Online Course – This comprehensive program spans two weeks, and it’s available with or without a 12-week mentorship.

2. The Diffuser/Room Spray Masterclass – This three-hour course provides an in-depth exploration of diffuser and room spray production, complete with formulas and video demonstrations.

3. The Perfume Oil Mastery Course – A three-hour programme focusing on the art of creating perfume oil, hair perfume, and body oil, supported by detailed video demonstrations.

4. The Body Mist Masterclass – In this four-hour course, you’ll immerse yourself in the world of body mist creation, complete with formulas and video demonstrations.

All my ebooks, courses, and programs can be accessed on theperfumemadam.selar.co.

In the realm of fragrance product creation, body mists and diffusers/room sprays stand as some of the easiest products to craft, offering a low barrier to entry in the industry. Starting as a new perfumer or perfume retailer might appear daunting, but I assure you that I will guide you every step of the way, from building your foundation to achieving success in the world of fragrances.

The ultimate goal is to provide your customers with high-quality fragrances that not only enchant spaces with captivating scents but are also affordable, and tailored to the intended market. With my guidance, my students become well-equipped to craft fragrances that garner compliments, fill spaces with enchanting aromas, and exhibit remarkable longevity, regardless of the type of fragrance product they endeavour to create.

Many of my students have evolved into successful fragrance entrepreneurs, a testament to the effectiveness of my teachings. They’ve harnessed the knowledge and skills they’ve gained and translated them into thriving businesses.

As a testament to the allure of my fragrances, I’ve had countless people approach me, allured by the scents I wear. My best-selling fragrance ingredient, Luminous, not only garners numerous compliments but has also opened the doors to numerous fragrance production opportunities. Luminous is a liquid fragrance ingredient designed to elevate any fragrance product, offering an unparalleled scent trail and lift, while extending the scent’s longevity.

With over a decade of experience in the fragrance industry, I can attest that establishing your brand necessitates hard work, creativity, determination, and patience. Yet, it’s an incredibly rewarding journey. It not only allows you to witness the excitement of others willing to pay for your creative concoctions but also makes you fully aware of what goes into your products.

To embark on your fragrance journey, connect with me through social media:

– Instagram: @theperfumemadam

– Facebook: Frances Osadebe

– Website: theperfumemadam.selar.co

The Perfume Madam’s mission is straightforward: to help you become a better perfumer, find your unique place in this industry, connect you with the right ingredients, and empower you to create fragrances that truly represent you. Join me in this aromatic adventure, whether you’re an aspiring perfumer or fragrance retailer. Let’s embark on this scented journey together!

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