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Bringing the Community Together Via Familheey App

By Uzor Maxim Uzoatu

It’s mid-morning in Awka, Anambra State as my old buddy Tony Akudinobi of Hammerhead Ltd gets me introduced to the Co-Founder Ken Chinweze who had come in from Houston, Texas with news of the irresistible App named Familheey.

It took me fast seconds to log in to the Familheey app, and it was a discovery of a vast new world that I instantly made.
The inviting words stood out: “Connect, Engage and Grow with Familheey mobile app.

The three focus areas of Familheey, notably, Connection, Engagement and Growth, are akin to articles of faith and commitment tailored to fulfil its mission to uplift the lives of people.


In the “Connect” mode, “Familheey brings individuals, families and communities together on a digital platform to fulfil our higher purpose of a common good for society. In the Connect stage, we focus on compelling content to inform, involve and inspire our people.”

In its “Engage” dimension, “Familheey helps our people to engage members, manage needs and offers, and conduct events on our digital platform. In the Engage stage, we focus on growing Communities through our seven collaboration features.”

Finally, in the “Grow” model, “Familheey is committed to assisting our community-based organizations by offering them a safe and secure digital community experience. In the Grow stage, we enable our Communities to grow with a focus on Commerce and Revenue Generation. With its innovative structured communication approach, Familheey is transforming the way communities communicate, collaborate, learn, and socialize in the future.”

Familheey is indeed a preferred platform for communities and a great alternative to WhatsApp.


It serves to bring the family closer with an exquisite and exclusive family group. It creates a space for professional work teams to bond and achieve together. It then builds a space where the community members can stand together to share videos, photos and posts with the family groups and get instant access to all the posts shared across various family groups.

Through Familheey, one can easily engage with all of one’s family members and keep all conversations on track, thus bringing everyone together.

Familheey offers the advantage of you making your important announcements stand out from the others. It ensures that everyone gets the important messages on time, every time.

Through the medium, you can publish your requests so that everyone can contribute to support the cause of your family, company or community at the time of need.


It’s cool to upload your favourite pictures and videos in the album for a lifetime of sharing. Eventually, you can store all your important documents in the cloud and share it with everyone.

Familheey helps you to become the perfect planner, and it creates memories by inviting your family members to online events.
You can use the calendar and third-party applications to fill your calendar with memories across the world.

In the crucial field of Education, “Familheey brings students, teachers and learning communities on a single platform to enable online learning.”

In the furtherance of the educational goals, “Familheey enables students to learn and collaborate effectively through online classes, academic projects, and class assessments.”


It enables the creation of learning spaces where the academic curriculum can be stored and shared in a secure environment.
This way, Familheey has become the go-to online learning platform for many educational institutions across the globe and has structured communication that helps both teachers and students to communicate with each other in a systematic and effective way.

Ken Chinweze reiterates that “Familheey is a purpose-built app that enhances communication within a community of people where they are communicating for a common purpose. All the features are created based on the user experience surveys received from users and communities across the globe.”

The FamilheeyLearn highlights are rendered thusly:

“Track every class activity: All sessions or activities are delivered as unique posts and responses from the students and feedback from the teachers are captured within that post as a conversation.

“Conversations in all formats: Conversations are possible in various formats such as text, pictures, audio and video.

“Security and privacy: Security and privacy are top priority at Familheey. The latest cybersecurity standards have been applied at various levels such as data encryption, system security and user-preferred settings on their groups (families) and profiles.

“Personalization: Personalization helps students and teachers to feel a classroom virtually. This creates an emotional acquaintance within the group.

“Better classification of information: Different sections for announcements, documents and gallery help students and learners to manage their learning goals and create a great learning environment.

“Manage events: Well-structured events module helps to plan and organize any online or offline meeting/events in a very structured and organized manner.

“Managing members: Take informed decisions and better classroom management with the proper visibility of the members in a group (family) with custom roles such as ‘Student’, ‘Class Teacher’, ‘Science Teacher’ etc.

“Onboarding: Your students and teachers in your classroom can join very easily by sharing a unique link for your group (family) on the Familheey app.

“Social/collaborative learning: Students learn from other sources also such as student collaboration, expert communities through social learning etc.

“Extracurricular activities: Familheey enables students to participate in larger forums such as virtual school assemblies, virtual libraries, science and arts clubs etc.”

Chinweze reveals that acclamatory testimonials for Familheey from all over the world have been overwhelming.

According to C. Chris Ulasi, PhD, Writer, Producer, Director at Diaspora Media Network, Inc., “This incredible platform will transform the way we communicate, collaborate, learn, and socialize in the future.”

Father Willy Raymond C.S.C., President of the USA based Holy Cross Family Ministries, whose organization uses the Familheey app across 17 countries in 4 continents shared this view about the Familiheey app: “Familheey is an all-in-one app combining today’s social media features in a systematic and user-friendly manner.”

Dr Tanya Unni, Director at the Australia -based Amtan Medical Group and Skin Lab & Beauty, offers the following testimony: “The structured communication within Familheey enables physicians to communicate with their clients and colleagues in a much better way than any other applications out there.”

The Familheey app is currently hosting the second edition of its Familheey Mobile Phone Contest featuring the grand prize of US $2000, drawing thousands of people worldwide to participate by uploading their best mobile photograph of life in their country with the theme: My Beautiful Country. This is a global photo contest that should find wide appeal in our beautiful country of Nigeria.

Familheey mobile app is a grand idea whose time has come. Chief Ken Chinweze and his partners in India deserve a celebration.

To Join the Familheey App takes 5 simple steps:
-Click to download the Familheey app from the Google Android Store & the Apple Store here:
Google Store
Apple Store
-Join the app to discover and join over 900 communities across 50+ countries
-Like the Familheey Mobile Photo Contest 2022 at this link:
-Create a new post to upload your photo and submit your entry (You can submit only one picture)
-Invite your friends to rate your picture on a scale of 1 to 5

  • Uzor Maxim Uzoatu is a writer and poet

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