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‘Culturati 2020’ to promote culture tourism

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Culture aficionado, Aregbe Idris has stressed the need to utilise Africa’s creative talents for economic development.

In a statement on the 13th edition of Culturati, Africa’s largest cultural fusion holding on Dec. 18, Idris said that the festival reflects the cultural diversity of African societies and a vehicle to revive the continent’s fading culture.

Idris Aregbe

Idris, who is the Convener of the festival, said that Culturati 2020, with the theme, “Unleashing African Potentials”, would also be promoting cultural tourism.

According to him, the event will feature arts and culture fair, symposium, fashion show and runway, music and dance, drama, cocktail, special recognition and awards.


“The cocktail event, which is a special edition, will also serve as a conduit to introduce the movie “This is Lagos,” designed to showcase tourism and investment opportunities in Lagos,” Idris said.

“We intend to create a synergy between African culture and other continents as a means to foster rewarding collaborations while exploring the rich diversities of different cultures.

“Much greater use should be made of Africa’s creative talents in the continent, of its drama, films and music as effective tools.

“These can be utilised for raising awareness among the African people, on the need for a change in negative attitudes and values and in the drive to boost economic development,” he said.


Idris said that Culturati had for thirteen years promoted African arts and local businesses by turning passion into profit and entrenching progressive human development for the common good, thus restoring Africa’s eroding cultural pride, while arresting the cycle of poverty and unemployment.

“Our spirited dedication is inspired by the need to acquaint younger generations with the values, beauties and legacies of our cultural heritage,” he said.

Idris added that Culturati was committed to creating the awareness that would invariably incline Africans to engage and promote participation in the preservation of its cultural heritage. (NAN)


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