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Sesor and Edo medical women collaborate on mental wellness, host online seminar

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As part of its ongoing 10th anniversary celebrations, Sesor is hosting a two-day free mental wellness seminar to address current issues including the trauma of COVID-19, social unrest, uncertainty and a worsening economy between 26th and 27th February. The seminar will provide participants with tools for coping with today’s challenges and stresses and is being held in partnership with the Medical Women’s Association of Nigeria, Edo State.

Dr. Adesuwa Urhoghide-Edigin

Speaking on the partnership, MWAN Edo President, Dr. Adesuwa Urhoghide-Edigin, said, “We are pleased to partner with Sesor on this important seminar for mental health which is sorely needed for all at this time and are glad to have our members participate. We encourage as many people as possible to join in as this is an oft-neglected aspect of our health.”

“This is our gift to our supporters and to us. These are tough times. Many of us have lost loved ones, been ill, have lost jobs and businesses. Couple all that with social unrest and news of killings etc. Many of us are depressed and despairing and this seminar is about learning to heal and navigate these times together” says Ier Jonathan, Sesor’s Executive Director.

The sessions will be facilitated by a line-up of mental health professionals from Nigeria and Kenya including Dr. Jibril Abdulmalik, Dr. Laila St. Matthew-Daniel, Celestina Okonkwo, Julius Nguku (Phd), Funmi Johnson and Emmanuel Emeh. The seminar will cover the following topics:

  • Managing Your Mental Health
  • Recognising and Dealing with the Trauma of Grief & Loss
  • Practical Tips for Surviving COVID-19 & Loss
  • Managing Health-related Stress
  • Strategies for Managing Financial and other Life Pressures
  • Surviving Nigeria: Emotional & Psychological Trauma & Self – Care in the face of National Crises
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Interested parties can sign up for Day One using this link https://bit.ly/2MWC1V7 and for day 2 using this link https://bit.ly/3brc2Nz

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