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Euro 2024 Day 2: A Day of High Stakes and High Scores

Saturday, 15 June 2024, was a day marked by intense competition and thrilling football as Euro 2024 continued with its group stage matches.

In Group A, Switzerland made a strong statement with a 3-1 win over Hungary at Cologne Stadium. The Swiss team’s clinical finishing and solid defence set them apart, as they took an early lead in their group.

The action then shifted to Olympiastadion Berlin, where Spain faced Croatia in a Group B clash. Spain, known for their tiki-taka style, dominated possession and secured a comfortable 3-0 victory. The Spanish armada’s performance sent a clear message to their rivals about their intentions to go far in the tournament.

The day concluded with Italy taking on Albania at BVB Stadion Dortmund. In a closely contested match, Italy managed to secure a 2-1 win. Despite Albania’s valiant efforts and tactical discipline, Italy’s experience and composure shone through as they bagged three crucial points.


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