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NERC approves electricity tariff hike for Band A customers, downgrades non-compliant areas

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has given the green light for an increase in electricity tariffs, impacting Band A customers who currently receive 20 hours of power supply daily. Mr. Musliu Oseni, Vice Chairman of NERC, announced this decision during a press conference held in Abuja on Wednesday.

Oseni highlighted that Band A customers constitute 15 percent of the nation’s 12 million electricity consumers. He stated, “The approved tariff adjustment will raise the electricity tariff for Band A customers from N68/KWh to N225/KWh.” He clarified that this hike would solely affect customers enjoying the highest level of power supply, with no impact on those in Bands B, C, and D.

Addressing concerns about fairness and inclusivity, Oseni assured, “Customers in Bands B, C, and D will not experience any changes in their tariff rates.” He emphasised that the rate revision specifically targets the minority of customers benefiting from extensive power availability.

Furthermore, Oseni outlined measures to address non-compliance by Electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos) in delivering the promised 20-hour supply. He revealed, “Some areas previously classified as Band A will be downgraded to Band B due to the failure of DisCos to meet service requirements.” This strategic move aims to safeguard consumer interests and ensure accountability within the electricity distribution sector.


To enforce compliance and maintain service standards, DisCos have been instructed to establish rapid response teams in feeder locations. Oseni explained, “This initiative ensures prompt customer assistance and accountability.” Additionally, DisCos failing to meet service commitments for seven consecutive days will face immediate feeder downgrades, with explanations communicated to affected consumers through bulk SMS and formal submissions to the commission.

In the event of service failures persisting for two days, DisCos must issue public explanations via bulk SMS and submit formal reports to NERC by 10 a.m. on the third day. This stringent enforcement mechanism aims to uphold transparency and accountability in the provision of electricity services across Nigeria.

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