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Senegal’s Bassirou Diomaye Faye sworn in as President, vows reform and stability

In a historic moment for Senegal, opposition candidate Bassirou Diomaye Faye, once imprisoned for his political beliefs, was inaugurated as the nation’s youngest president at the age of 44. Faye’s ascension to power symbolises a new chapter for the West African nation, marked by promises of stability and economic advancement.

Following a landslide victory in the first round of voting, Faye emphasised the electorate’s desire for change, stating, “The results of the election showed a profound desire for change.” His inauguration ceremony, attended by a host of regional leaders, underscored the significance of this transition of power.

In his inaugural address, Faye outlined his vision for Senegal’s future, pledging to uphold democratic values and foster national unity. He affirmed, “Senegal will be a country of hope, at peace, with an independent justice system and a stronger democracy.”

The road to Faye’s presidency was paved with challenges, including attempts by the outgoing government to delay the election. However, the determination of Senegal’s citizens to exercise their democratic rights prevailed, culminating in a historic turnout at the polls.


The frustration against outgoing President Macky Sall’s administration, fueled by economic hardships and concerns over democratic integrity, catalysed support for Faye’s candidature. Faye’s alliance with firebrand opposition leader Ousmane Sonko, despite their respective legal challenges, resonated with disillusioned voters seeking change.

As Faye assumes leadership, he faces high expectations from a populace eager for tangible reforms. With Senegal poised to become a major player in the oil and gas sector, Faye has committed to prioritising national interests, including combating corruption and renegotiating contracts with foreign operators.

The partnership between Faye and Sonko, forged amidst adversity, holds promise for collaborative governance. Sonko’s backing of Faye’s candidature from prison underscores their shared commitment to national stability and reform.

As Senegal enters a new era under Faye’s leadership, the nation stands at a pivotal juncture, poised to harness its potential for progress and prosperity.


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