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Nigeria’s “Golden Bone” triumphs in MMA showdown on home soil

In a thrilling showcase of skill and determination, Nigeria’s Cpl Juliet Ukah, hailed as the country’s female fighting sensation, showcased her prowess in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) by securing a decisive victory over Eunice Akello of Uganda. This triumph marked Ukah’s continued dominance in the MMA arena, extending her unbeaten streak on Nigerian soil.

Ukah, affectionately known as “Golden Bone,” exhibited her martial arts mastery at the Enugu Mega Cage Fight, marking her first MMA appearance in Nigeria. With an impressive record of 4-0-0 leading into the bout, Ukah aimed to further solidify her position as a formidable force in the sport.

Reflecting on her victory, Ukah expressed her determination to uphold her unbeaten status, stating, “I ensured it was a sweet victory for me on home soil.” Her resounding win by unanimous decision in the 66kg featherweight class bout showcased her relentless spirit and unwavering dedication to her craft.

With this triumph, Ukah’s undefeated record soared to 5-0-0, setting the stage for her next challenge as the number one contender in Africa EFC. Anticipation mounts as Ukah gears up for a monumental showdown in April, paving the way for a potential title fight in June.


In a display of Nigerian martial arts prowess, PC Njoku Chika of the Nigeria Police also emerged victorious, further solidifying the country’s dominance in the MMA arena. The electrifying atmosphere witnessed a total of 10 fighters vying for glory, with each bout delivering adrenaline-fueled excitement and fierce competition.

The Enugu Mega Cage Fight, held in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and Warrior Sports Championship, served as a testament to Nigeria’s burgeoning presence in the global MMA landscape. As Ukah and her fellow fighters continue to captivate audiences with their remarkable performances, the future of Nigerian MMA shines brightly on the international stage.

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