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Putin asserts Russia’s non-aggression towards NATO amid F-16 controversy

In a recent statement, Russian President Vladimir Putin has emphatically denied any Russian intentions to launch attacks on NATO countries, including Poland, the Baltic states, and the Czech Republic. This declaration comes amidst the ongoing conflict with Ukraine, which has seen the deepest rift in Russia-West relations since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

Addressing Russian air force pilots, Putin reassured them that despite NATO’s eastward expansion post-1991, Russia harbours “no aggressive intentions towards these states,” dismissing any such notions as “complete nonsense” and “just drivel,” according to a Kremlin transcript.

The Kremlin has been vocal about its stance, accusing the U.S. of engaging in a proxy war against Russia by providing Ukraine with financial, military, and intelligence support. Relations with Washington are reportedly at an all-time low.

The contentious issue of supplying Ukraine with F-16 fighters was also addressed by Putin, who stated that the introduction of such aircraft would not alter the dynamics on the battlefield. “If they supply F-16s… this will not change the situation on the battlefield. And we will destroy the aircraft just as we destroy today tanks, armoured vehicles, and other equipment,” Putin declared.


Highlighting the capabilities of the F-16s, Putin noted their potential to carry nuclear weapons, stating that if they operate from third-country airfields, they would become legitimate targets for Russia.

These comments were in response to earlier statements by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, who anticipated the arrival of the aircraft in Ukraine in the near future. Ukraine has been actively seeking F-16s for several months, with Belgium, Denmark, Norway, and the Netherlands among the nations pledging to donate the jets and support the training of Ukrainian pilots.

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