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PwC renews commitment to Nigerian under 17 cricket tournament

Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC), the longstanding sponsor of the annual national under-17 cricket tournament, has reaffirmed its dedication to supporting grassroots cricket development in Nigeria, citing notable achievements and ongoing progress in the tournament.

Speaking at a news conference, Tolu Adeleke, Partner and Representative of PwC, emphasised the organisation’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering community engagement through sports development initiatives.

“We have been particularly impressed with the journey we’ve embarked on with the Nigeria Cricket Federation (NCF) over the last five years,” Adeleke stated. “Throughout this partnership, we’ve witnessed significant milestones and successes that resonate with PwC’s values of building trust, care, teamwork, and friendship.”

Highlighting the impact of the tournament, Adeleke expressed satisfaction with the emergence of talented players who have gone on to represent the national team. “The tournament has served as a platform for showcasing talent and nurturing future cricket stars,” he added.


Sanni Mohammed, Secretary-General of the federation, commended PwC for its pivotal role in advancing cricket development across the country. He underscored the tournament’s growing popularity and participation rates, indicating a positive trend in grassroots sports engagement.

“We extend our gratitude to PwC for their unwavering support in promoting grassroots sports, particularly cricket,” Mohammed remarked. “The tournament has become a cornerstone of youth cricket development, attracting increased participation from various states each year.”

Mohammed highlighted the significance of the tournament in talent discovery, noting that many national team athletes had their beginnings in the PwC-sponsored competition. He also revealed the exciting prospect of cricket’s debut at the African Games in Ghana, with players from the tournament poised to make history on the continental stage.

The tournament, set to commence on Thursday and culminate on Sunday at the Moshood Abiola National Stadium in Abuja, promises to showcase the budding talent and competitive spirit within Nigeria’s cricketing community.


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