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Namibia’s Interim President Nangolo Mbumba addresses election intentions amidst Geingob’s passing

Nangolo Mbumba, stepping into the role of interim president following Hage Geingob’s demise, firmly declares he won’t contest the upcoming elections, paving the way for Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah. This unprecedented move sets the stage for potential history, as Nandi-Ndaitwah could become Namibia’s first female president.

Mbumba’s announcement, atypical in African politics, emphasises his commitment to a temporary presidency, providing assurance: “I am not going to be around for the elections, so don’t panic.” This decision aligns with SWAPO party rules, preventing candidate changes two years prior to elections. As Namibia mourns Geingob, who has led since 2015, the nation faces a significant political transition.

Geingob’s passing marks the end of an era defined by economic initiatives and a global environmental leadership role. Namibia, under his guidance, pioneered projects like supplying the EU with green hydrogen and constructing Africa’s first decarbonised iron plant. These endeavours position Namibia ahead of its regional counterparts in sustainable development.

Geingob’s legacy encapsulates a commitment to overcoming historical injustices and fostering shared prosperity. Despite challenges, his leadership focused on addressing systemic issues and promoting inclusivity. As Namibia enters a post-Geingob era, Mbumba’s interim role signals a period of anticipation and political recalibration.


The upcoming elections carry the promise of historic milestones, potentially reshaping Namibia’s political landscape and reaffirming its commitment to democratic governance. Mbumba’s temporary stewardship underscores the importance of continuity during this transitional phase.

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