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Defiant motorcyclists challenge Lagos Taskforce’s crackdown on Okada operations

In a defiant response to the recent crackdown by the Lagos State Environmental and Special Offences (Enforcement) Unit, otherwise known as the Lagos State Taskforce, on the menace of okada in the metropolis, motorcyclists express their frustration over the intensified operation resulting in the impoundment of 355 bikes for alleged operational infractions.

Motorcycle operators, commonly known as okada riders, feel targeted and daringly challenge the Taskforce’s efforts. One rider voiced his defiance, stating, “We are no match for the will and might of the Taskforce, but we have no choice but to keep riding to make a living.”

The Chairman of the Agency, CSP Shola Jejeloye, led the unique exercise across various city locations, lasting over five hours. Jejeloye defended the operation, emphasising the need to send a clear message to what he termed “intractable okada riders.”

He remarked, “Our success today is one of a kind as a result of the number of bikes seized in this axis. We had visited Alakija and Abule Ado weeks ago but we had to revisit here again and also included Trade Fair/Badagry Expressway this time to achieve this result, and also send a clear message to these intractable okada riders.”


Jejeloye acknowledged the complexities of arresting okada riders, comparing it to apprehending armed robbers. He explained, “Arresting an okada rider is more difficult than arresting an armed robber because of the nature of these bikes. They can maneuver and ride against traffic, endangering lives.”

The Taskforce Chairman assured Lagosians that banned areas would be thoroughly patrolled until okada operations became a thing of the past. He urged residents to embrace safer means of transportation, emphasizing the legal consequences for both riders and passengers caught on State Highways.

As the crackdown intensifies, motorcyclists express concerns about their livelihoods, while the Taskforce remains resolute in enforcing the ban on okada operations.

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