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Niger’s ousted president’s son granted provisional release from house arrest

Niger’s military tribunal announced the provisional release of Mohamed Bazoum Salem, the son of deposed President Mohamed Bazoum, from house arrest in Niamey, according to a statement released on Monday.

Salem, aged 23, had been under detention at the presidential residence, alongside his parents, since the military coup that ousted his father from power in July.

The coup, one among a series in West and Central Africa since 2020, faced widespread condemnation, prompting sanctions from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and demands for Bazoum’s release and the restoration of democratic governance.

The tribunal’s statement did not clarify the status of Salem’s parents, Mohamed Bazoum and his spouse.


Last month, the ECOWAS Court of Justice declared the family’s detention arbitrary and ordered Bazoum’s reinstatement. This court, whose decisions are final, granted the junta a month to outline how it intends to comply with the directive, as relayed by legal representatives.

Following the July 26 coup, both Bazoum and his son faced indictments. Salem was specifically charged with conspiracy aimed at undermining the state’s authority or security.

Members of Bazoum’s party and relatives highlighted the family’s lack of access to essential utilities like running water and electricity. Moreover, the family’s legal representatives had previously lamented their inability to meet with a magistrate or receive information about any legal proceedings concerning their detention.

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