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Eleven trapped in Zimbabwe mine collapse, rescue operations underway

Eleven subsistence miners are currently trapped underground following a ground collapse at Zimbabwe’s Redwing Mine, located 270 km west of Harare, prompting urgent rescue efforts by authorities.

Zimbabwe’s mines ministry attributed the incident, which occurred on Thursday morning, to potential earth tremors. Initial assessments have led authorities to believe that this geological activity might have triggered the accident, as stated in the ministry’s official communication.

Metallon Corporation, the entity overseeing Redwing Mine, acknowledged the grave situation and affirmed its commitment to rescue operations: “Our rescue team has made multiple attempts, but the unstable ground conditions have impeded safe rescue operations. We are meticulously evaluating the ground to ensure the safety of our rescue efforts.”

Despite the mine being under corporate rescue since 2020, Metallon Corporation clarified that subsistence miners had been conducting unauthorised operations at Redwing, contributing to the ongoing activities at the site.


The company’s proactive response demonstrates the seriousness of the situation and the urgency in ensuring the safety and rescue of the trapped miners. Immediate and cautious measures are being taken to stabilise the ground before conducting any further rescue attempts.

The incident underscores the precarious nature of mining operations, particularly when conducted in unauthorised or unstable environments, emphasising the importance of safety protocols and regulatory adherence in such settings.

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