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Niger suspends ties with Francophone group, continues split from former colonial power

Niger’s military leadership announced the suspension of all cooperation with the international Francophone Nations’ Organisation (OIF), furthering its gradual disconnection from former colonial ruler France. The junta highlighted concerns about the OIF’s alignment with French interests, asserting that the 88-member body had consistently served as a tool for advancing France’s agenda.

The spokesperson for Niger’s junta conveyed their stance on national television, addressing the OIF’s historical alignment with French interests. The military, which took control following a July coup, faced condemnation from France and its Western allies. Subsequently, the junta expelled French troops involved in combating a decade-long Islamist insurgency in the West African nation.

While the OIF had previously halted most collaborations with Niger due to the coup, it had expressed intentions to maintain specific programmes beneficial to civilian populations and those contributing to democratic restoration.

The OIF primarily aims to promote the French language and support peace, democracy, education, and development in former French colonies worldwide, including several Francophone nations.


In a call for decolonization, the junta urged African nations to embrace their national languages in alignment with the principles of Pan-Africanism, emphasising the need to dissociate from colonial influences.

Additionally, the junta released a separate statement indicating the absence of a definitive timeline for their tenure. The duration of the transition period, they asserted, would be determined after an inclusive national dialogue. However, specifics regarding the timing of this dialogue were not disclosed.


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