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Tragedy strikes Conakry: Oil terminal blast leaves 8 dead, dozens injured

An unfortunate incident shook Guinea’s capital, Conakry, as an explosion at the main oil terminal claimed the lives of at least eight individuals and left 84 others injured early on Monday. The aftermath of the blast resulted in a blaze that authorities are striving to contain, revealed a senior police official.

Eyewitnesses described the harrowing scene in the Kaloum administrative district, detailing how the explosion shattered windows in nearby residences and prompted hundreds to flee the area. The towering flames and billowing black smoke, visible from a considerable distance, drew firefighters who hurried to the site to combat the inferno.

While the terminal serves as a crucial hub for storing and distributing refined products across Guinea, the extent of damage inflicted remains uncertain. Guinea, though not an oil-producing country, relies on imports for refined oil, primarily housed at the Kaloum terminal.

Despite efforts to control the fire, remnants of the blaze persisted later in the day, marked by a significant column of smoke and sporadic flames, indicating the challenge faced in fully extinguishing the inferno.


The government, expressing profound concern over the incident’s magnitude and potential impact on the populace, vowed to initiate a thorough investigation into the incident’s cause. The statement emphasized the need for caution, urging citizens to remain indoors, prompting the closure of schools for the day.

“The Government expresses its deep concern about this event, the scale and consequences of which could have a direct impact on the population,” stated the government in an official communication.

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