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Anambra Governor’s wife brings Christmas cheer to orphanages, distributes gifts to over 200 children

Dr. Nonye Soludo, the wife of the Anambra State Governor, embarked on a heartwarming mission this Christmas, spreading joy to over 200 children across various orphanages and motherless babies’ homes in the state. She visited homes such as Onitsha South Motherland Babies Home, Onitsha North Community Motherless Babies and Orphanage Home, and the Missionaries of Charity Gift of the Mercy Community Children’s Home.

Soludo shared her intentions with reporters during the visits, emphasising that the gesture aimed to brighten the spirits of these children during the festive season. Reflecting on the essence of Christmas, she highlighted the importance of generating happiness and extending love, particularly to motherless children and those less privileged who require support.

“For me, Christmas means reaching out to the needy, less privileged, motherless, and abandoned children. They need our care and special expression of love to partake in the celebrations,” Soludo expressed, underscoring her commitment to visit and celebrate Christmas with children in all 39 identified homes for abandoned and motherless children in the state.

Her compassion extended beyond mere gifts; she pledged to ensure that a sick baby she encountered during her visits received all necessary medical care to ensure a healthy and thriving life. Soludo urged individuals, corporations, and groups to emulate this spirit of giving and make the Christmas celebration memorable for those in need.


The manager of the Onitsha North children’s home, Mrs. Rita Anekwe, conveyed deep appreciation to the governor’s wife, acknowledging the significant impact of the gesture in bringing joy and smiles to the faces of the children.

The gifts distributed ranged from cash to essential food items such as tubers of yam, bags of beans, bags of rice, toiletries, and beverages, reflecting Soludo’s dedication to making a tangible difference in the lives of these children during the holiday season.

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