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Sesor Empowerment Foundation joins hands with C1 Foundation to empower displaced children through digital art

Partnership focuses on fostering creativity and minting digital art as NFTs to aid displaced families.

In a bid to support displaced families and empower children, Sesor Empowerment Foundation has joined forces with DedeukwuShryne, a curator collective operating under Chapter One Global Charity Foundation (C1 Foundation). The collaborative effort includes various interventions such as donating food and art supplies and conducting art workshops aimed at empowering displaced children to create digital art collections, which will be minted as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the C1 Foundation’s NFT marketplace.

The inaugural art workshop, held on November 18 at the Sesor Space in Lekki, Ajah, saw Ezeanoziart, an artist and curator representing C1 Foundation, guiding 20 children through the basics of art creation and mint them as NFTs on the blockchain. The workshop aimed to stimulate creativity, expression, and social interaction among the children, resulting in the production of 12 unique paintings earmarked as part of ‘The Acrylic on Canvas collection’, a digital art collection slated for support via a blockchain database.

Ezeanoziart shared his enthusiasm, stating, “I am thrilled to lead these workshops in partnership with Sesor. It was an exhilarating experience with the kids, promoting self-expression and self-esteem through art. Every child harbours an artist within, and learning about NFTs and blockchain empowers them to express themselves and potentially earn income irrespective of their circumstances.”

Theophilus Pius, a participant, expressed his delight, saying, “The art painting class helped me express myself and learn new things. I hope we can do this more often.”


Merit Emmanuel, Sesor’s Head of Programmes, expressed gratitude, stating, “This marks a significant milestone for us. We’ve long sought an avenue for our children to express themselves artistically, and today is a start. We appreciate C1 Foundation and Eze for this opportunity. The technological connection opens new vistas for our kids, and we anticipate more learning opportunities in the blockchain space for our community.”

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