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Lagos State begins immediate rehabilitation of Alapere footbridge damaged by truck crash

The Lagos State Government announced urgent plans for the rehabilitation of the Alapere footbridge in Ketu, severely damaged in the early hours of Friday by a truck, as revealed by Mr. Shina Odunuga, spokesperson for the Lagos State Ministry of Works and Infrastructure.

“The immediate rehabilitation of the Alapere footbridge, affected by the unfortunate truck incident, is a top priority for the safety of residents and the crucial nature of this infrastructure,” stated Odunuga.

Eyewitnesses reported that the 11-year-old bridge sustained damage due to the impact of a container-laden truck exceeding the bridge’s headroom, resulting in its dismemberment.

To ensure public safety, the disassembled parts have been cleared from the highway, and necessary signages and visual alerts have been set up while repair work has commenced.


The bridge, situated at the Alapere/Estate Bus Stop on the Third Axial Road, underwent inspection by Lagos State officials from the Ministry of Transportation, Office of Infrastructure, Material Testing Laboratory, and Public Works Corporation to assess the extent of the damage.

Commissioner for Transportation, Mr. Oluwaseun Osiyemi, confirmed the temporary closure of the bridge’s access and pledged increased deployment of traffic personnel to facilitate pedestrian crossings. He emphasised plans for installing night-time signages for added safety during the repair period.

Mr. Olufemi Daramola, Special Adviser to the Governor on Infrastructure, announced plans for an integrity test to determine the reconstruction required for the bridge’s structural soundness and continued public use.

Mr. Sola Giwa, Special Adviser to the Governor on Transportation, coordinated traffic response efforts at the site, urging caution among commuters and vowing legal actions against disobedient drivers as per existing laws.


In a related statement, the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) detailed its rapid emergency response to the collapse of the Alapere pedestrian bridge. Following the crash caused by a trailer with a 40Ft container, the collapse impacted a Mazda commercial bus, injuring three passengers, who received prompt medical attention.

Collaborative efforts involving LASEMA, LASTMA, and the NPF facilitated the evacuation of debris and the restoration of normalcy to the affected roadway.

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