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The Alternative Bank unveils AltBiz and AltInvest at Kano Trade Fair, marks major financial milestone

In a significant stride within the financial domain, The Alternative Bank proudly presented two groundbreaking financial products, AltBiz and AltInvest, at the ongoing 44th Kano International Trade Fair.

This unveiling signifies a pivotal juncture for the bank, solidifying its influential role in reshaping the financial landscape, particularly in the northern region.

AltBiz, tailored for business financial requirements, offers a comprehensive suite of services, fuel growth, innovation, and sustainability. Meanwhile, AltInvest, a digital investment platform, empowers individuals to navigate the investment realm effortlessly, amalgamating ethical and digital features for enhanced accessibility.

The unveiling took place during The Alternative Bank Day, dedicated to the bank as a prominent sponsor of the trade fair. Garba Mohammed, Executive Director at The Alternative Bank, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “The Kano International Trade Fair is a vibrant platform, and we are thrilled to introduce AltBiz and AltInvest as innovative solutions that underscore our commitment to fostering economic growth and financial inclusivity.”


The event witnessed a robust turnout of visitors at the bank’s booth, showcasing strong interest in opening accounts and gaining insights into the newly launched products.

Since it entered into the market in October 2023, The Alternative Bank has continually emphasised its dedication to supporting entrepreneurship, driving economic development, and providing tailored financial solutions meeting the evolving needs of the Nigerian market.

With an eye on fostering financial liberation across Africa, the bank aspires to revolutionise the banking sector through pioneering digital solutions and ethical, non-interest banking principles. Their customer-centric approach empowers individuals and businesses, transcending traditional financial limitations.

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