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Sanwo-Olu advocates global partnerships for climate resilience plan

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State urged global collaboration in implementing the state’s climate adaptation and resilience plan during his address at a COP28 side event in Dubai.

Sanwo-Olu emphasised three key areas with substantial potential for global development: waste management and recycling, public transportation, and renewable energy. He highlighted these sectors as vital opportunities for emission reduction and sustainable practices.

Calling for tangible action, Sanwo-Olu urged climate financiers to translate discussions into impactful measures through partnerships and investments, emphasising the urgency to achieve net-zero emissions.

“As a government, we’re here to move beyond rhetoric. It’s time for action through collaboration and financial backing,” the governor stressed, underscoring Lagos State’s support for the national net-zero emission goal.


He reiterated the state’s active commitment, expressing readiness and strategic initiatives towards achieving zero net carbon emissions, positioning Lagos ahead in terms of preparedness and decisive actions.

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