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‘Protect your ATM card, scammers on the prowl,’ EFCC warns

The EFCC Head of Media and Publicity, Mr Dele Oyewale, cautioned the public about ATM swap fraudsters, stating that the commission had received numerous complaints concerning the issue.

Oyewale, in a statement released in Ibadan and provided to newsmen, highlighted the EFCC’s investigations linking unauthorised bank withdrawals to Automated Teller Machine (ATM) debit card swapping or fraud.

Detailing the fraudsters’ method, Oyewale remarked, “They swap the card in such a hurry that the customer would not notice and at the same time memorise the pin used in trying the fake cards. These cards get stuck in the machine due to a wrong pin, and the fraudster quickly abandons the victim, advising him/her to report to the bank while making away with the victim’s card to make immediate withdrawals from the account.”

He further explained that this fraudulent activity commonly occurs at various service points, including point-of-sale (POS) terminals and ATMs across the country, cautioning the banking public to exercise more caution with their debit cards.


To prevent financial losses, the EFCC listed crucial tips for banking customers, such as keeping cards in sight or secured after transactions, vigilant monitoring of bank statements for unknown transactions, and setting transaction alerts.

“Cover the keypad when entering your PIN, avoid hasty payments or withdrawals, seek assistance solely from bank officials, and immediately contact your bank if your card gets stuck or upon detecting irregularities,” Oyewale advised, emphasising the importance of knowing the bank’s ATM offline blocking code and acting swiftly if the card is misplaced or stolen.

The EFCC recommended dialling the USSD code 966911# for prompt ATM card blocking, affirming their commitment to safeguarding personal, corporate, and national finances while combating economic and financial crimes.

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