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Maritime expert unveils book to ignite interest in marine careers among students

Mrs. Violet Williams, a maritime expert, launched her book titled ‘Some Career Opportunities in the Marine and Blue Economy Workplace’ with the aim of guiding students to explore the vast job prospects within the sector.

The unveiling took place during the Ocean Ambassadors Foundation (OAF) fifth Educators and Maritime Stakeholders Lecture and Award, alongside the fourth nationwide virtual Maritime Quiz Competition held in Lagos.

Explaining her motivation, Williams highlighted her realisation that some students, including an 18-year-old girl, lacked fundamental knowledge about the maritime sector.

“We aim to ensure that elementary school children can envision a career in the marine and blue economy from an early age. I’ve simplified the content to cover the basics, making it accessible even to those at the highest level, especially considering the novelty of the Ministry of Marine and Blue Economy,” Williams explained.


Emphasising the need for deliberate career choices within the maritime industry, Williams stressed the importance of fostering a purposeful and sustainable entry into the sector, starting from early education.

Regarding integration into the school curriculum, Williams revealed her correspondence with the Ministry of Education in 2022, addressing the curriculum agency. She urged the Ministry of Marine and Blue Economy to take the initiative forward by incorporating these concepts into the curriculum.

Mrs. Carolyn Ufere, an Independent Maritime Practitioner and former General Manager of the Nigerian Ports Authority, commended Williams as a pioneer and advocate for advancing the industry.

Ufere highlighted the book’s potential to inspire young minds towards maritime careers, acknowledging its focus on the significance of the ocean and its vast employment opportunities. She lauded the book’s potential to empower both girls and boys, viewing it as a valuable resource for institutions nurturing future leaders.


“I highly recommend this book to institutions and organisations nurturing young minds. It holds the potential to transform our nation’s future,” Ufere concluded.

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