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Lagos State Consumer Protection Agency confirms safety of Nagiko Tomato for consumption

The Lagos State Government, represented by its Consumer Protection Agency (LASCOPA), has officially declared Nagiko Tomato safe for consumption, dispelling concerns about its quality.

According to Mr. Afolabi Solebo, the General Manager of LASCOPA, the product poses no health risks to the public.

This affirmation contradicts assertions made by Mrs. Chioma Egodi on Facebook regarding the quality of NAGIKO Tomato Mix 400g, where she raised concerns about a sugary taste in the product on September 17.

Solebo clarified that LASCOPA’s certification stemmed from extensive laboratory tests conducted on the product following Egodi’s complaint.


To validate Egodi’s claim, the agency conducted an independent investigation. They organized separate meetings on October 3 and 10, inviting Erisco Foods Nigeria Ltd., the manufacturer, and Egodi to participate.

Subsequently, LASCOPA acquired samples of the product for thorough testing and analysis. These samples were sourced directly from Erisco Foods Company and through a market survey conducted by LASCOPA to ensure an unbiased representation.

“The laboratory analysis of the samples, subjected to Microbial and Physicochemical tests, concluded that the product met all the tested parameters. As per the test results, the product is deemed safe for consumption,” explained Solebo.

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