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FCCPC issues warning on surge of fake online stores during ‘Black Friday’ sales

Mr. Babatunde Irukera, the Executive Vice Chairman of the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC), has cautioned consumers about an impending surge in counterfeit online stores aiming to deceive shoppers during the ‘Black Friday’ sales frenzy.

In a statement released Thursday in Abuja, Irukera highlighted the FCCPC’s receipt of credible intelligence indicating a projected 135 percent increase in fake online outlets. He urged consumers to stay vigilant and discerning during this period, emphasizing the need to assert their rights, especially concerning comprehensive and transparent disclosures.

Irukera stressed the importance of patronizing only reputable and reliable platforms while exercising caution to evade falling prey to fraudulent schemes and other forms of exploitation.

“We’ve received reliable information suggesting a potential surge in sham online stores by 135 percent during the customary ‘Black Friday’ sales, encompassing scams, misrepresentation, and exploitative practices,” said Irukera.


“This data aligns with publicly available reports from sources like Netcraft. For reports and inquiries, please visit our website at or connect with us via our social media handles: @fccpcnigeria or fccpcnigeria.”

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