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Impending nationwide protest as petroleum tanker drivers threaten exit from NUPENG

The Petroleum Tanker Drivers (PTD) have issued a stark ultimatum to the Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG), threatening an exit from the organisation if President Williams Akporeha and General-Secretary Afolabi Olawale refuse to step down.

Mr. Gbenga Olawale, an ex-Officio of the PTD stationed at the Ibadan depot, articulated their stance in a Sunday statement, announcing an imminent nationwide protest as a means to intensify their demand.

The statement explicitly instructed PTD members nationwide to affix leaves on the fronts of their trucks, signalling a warning to both NUPENG and law enforcement against meddling and incessant harassment of their leadership.

Olawale pointedly stated that Williams, purportedly at the helm of NUPENG, lacks membership within the union, casting doubts on his eligibility to lead.


“Williams, not documented as a worker or pump attendant, was included in the petrol station workers of NUPENG (PSW) to enable his candidature for the NUPENG presidency, a breach of the union’s constitution,” the statement revealed.

Allegations extended to Williams allegedly orchestrating his proxies to syphon the union’s revenues, diverting funds that were intended for the union’s and tanker drivers’ advancement.

The demand for fresh elections stemmed from the PTD’s solidarity with Lucky Osusan and Dayyabu Garga, both nominated as the prospective NUPENG President and General-Secretary, respectively.

Olawale affirmed their support for Osusan and Garga, lauding their relentless efforts to shield their members from various forms of extortion.


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