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Entertainment Week Lagos: Uniting global entertainment in Africa’s creative hub

Deola Art Alade, the Co-Founder and CEO of Livespot360, announced the anticipated return of Entertainment Week Lagos (EWL) from December 13 to December 20, 2023, in Lagos.

“Our aim is to convene a community of 15,000 entertainment enthusiasts during this December’s Entertainment Week Lagos (EWL),” Alade stated, highlighting the event’s vision to bring together industry professionals and ardent entertainment fans.

Under the theme “The Next Wave,” this extraordinary eight-day affair will unfold at the expansive Livespot Entertarium. Alade emphasised its significance, describing it as “an unmatched opportunity for collaboration, networking, innovation, and knowledge exchange in the ever-evolving entertainment sphere.”

Expressing enthusiasm for hosting global entertainment luminaries in Lagos, hailed as Africa’s entertainment hub, Alade shared plans to elevate the event. “Building upon our successful debut, the second edition of EWL will feature an array of captivating elements,” she revealed.


Alade outlined the multifaceted agenda, encompassing a launch party, panel sessions, keynotes, think tanks, pitch sessions, workshops, masterclasses, movie screenings, brand exhibitions, art installations, networking avenues, and a marketplace for local brands.

Originating from the Livespot Foundation and produced by Livespot360, EWL made a resounding debut in 2022 across diverse locations. Alade highlighted the inaugural event’s achievements: 35 esteemed speakers and educators, 16 NFT artists, eight short films and documentaries, and performances by 30 chart-topping musicians, reaching a staggering 31.2 million people.

“With a vision to engage over 100 million individuals and train more than 1,000 participants, EWL aims to foster unity among industry professionals and passionate entertainment aficionados this December,” Alade concluded, underscoring the event’s ambitions for its upcoming edition.

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