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NSCDC averts potential pipeline explosion, safeguards Alimosho community in Lagos

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) in Lagos State successfully prevented a potential oil pipeline explosion that could have caused massive devastation in Alimosho, Lagos. According to DSC Oluwaseun Abolurin, the Command’s Public Relations Officer, this incident aimed to vandalise the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation’s (NNPC) oil pipelines in Liberty Estate and surrounding areas in Alimosho Local Government Area.

Abolurin highlighted the swift response aligned with the zero-tolerance policy of the Commandant General, Ahmed Audi, against economic sabotage in Nigeria. “Residents reported leaked petroleum products, causing panic and prompting the closure of businesses and schools on Thursday,” Abolurin stated.

He mentioned that after notification, the NNPC maintenance team promptly arrived at the scene later in the afternoon to conduct necessary repairs on the affected pipelines.

Commandant Usman Alfadarai ensured the area’s security and safety, deploying NSCDC operatives to cordon off the affected site and prevent any exploitation by nefarious elements. Abolurin emphasised, “Alfadarai directed continuous 24/7 surveillance, patrol, and monitoring to prevent further compromise.”


Moreover, Alfadarai cautioned vandals against such acts, underscoring the Command’s unwavering commitment to holding saboteurs accountable. “The Command appreciates the community’s swift intelligence report, preventing a potential disaster and preserving the community’s well-being,” Abolurin added.

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