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NFVCB vows to regulate OTT streaming services in Nigeria

The National Film And Video Censors Board (NFVCB) pledged on Thursday to enforce strict measures against Over-The-Top (OTT) streaming services found to be violating Nigerian digital content regulations. Alh. Adedayo Thomas, NFVCB’s Executive Director, delivered this stance at the conclusion of the third edition of the NFVCB’s Digital Content Regulation Conference in Lagos.

The conference, titled NFVCB-NETFLIX Safe Screen and Digital Entertainment Space Forum, emphasised the scope of Nigerian creative industry law covering online OTT and streaming platforms. Thomas affirmed the board’s collaboration with security agencies to ensure legal repercussions for those infringing the law.

Acknowledging the challenge of monitoring vast online content, Thomas highlighted the NFVCB’s efforts to expand its capacity for effective oversight. He praised popular OTT streaming service NETFLIX for its compliance with digital content laws and its partnership with the board.

“NETFLIX leads in compliance with digital content laws by rejecting unclassified films,” Thomas stated, emphasising the consequences outlined in regulations and the constitution for non-compliance.


The NFVCB aims to safeguard Nigeria’s cultural values by ensuring films and videos meet ethical standards. The conference united creative industry stakeholders to brainstorm ways to deliver safe digital content for children, emphasising responsible digital parenting and age-appropriate online experiences.

Ziyanda Buthelezi-Ngcobo from NETFLIX underscored the platform’s collaboration with NFVCB to secure digital content for children. She highlighted NETFLIX’s commitment to showcasing African culture through content censorship, emphasizing responsible self-regulation under NFVCB’s guidance.

NETFLIX provides parental control features and ensures content safety, focusing on content, context, and control. Buthelezi-Ngcobo clarified that NETFLIX doesn’t market services to children under 18 without parental consent and maintains professionally curated content without chatrooms.

Bukola Agbaminoja, Executive Secretary of the Lagos State Film and Video Censor Board, emphasised their authority to shut down cinemas and exhibition centres that facilitate children’s exposure to inappropriate content. Despite the vast volume of content, Agbaminoja stressed their commitment to regulating OTT platforms and enforcing penalties for violators of child protection laws.


The conference witnessed participation from over 2,000 attendees, including security agents, filmmakers, online content providers, policymakers, teachers, and parents, reinforcing the importance of responsible digital content and parenting.

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