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Governor Sanwo-Olu encourages religious leaders amid economic challenges

Representing Governor Sanwo-Olu at an event commemorating the 2023 International Day for Tolerance in Ikeja, Commissioner Olanrewaju Kayode emphasised the importance of religious leaders promoting tolerance, perseverance, and trust in God during these challenging times.

“We urge religious leaders to advocate tolerance, perseverance, and complete trust in God amid this economic trial. ‘This too shall pass,’ as the Holy Books say. We seek your continued partnership and endurance,” stated Kayode on behalf of the governor.

Lagos, as Sub-Saharan Africa’s commercial hub, embraces diverse religions. Governor Sanwo-Olu highlighted the need for tolerance and mutual respect among residents from various backgrounds and beliefs.

“This day’s celebration holds significance amidst current economic dynamics. Religion serves as a guide, fostering a positive mental state during economic challenges,” Sanwo-Olu expressed, acknowledging the palpable economic pulse in Lagos.


He noted the global shift in lifestyles and economies due to current economic realities. Many businesses have faced hardship, leading to mergers or closures. Sanwo-Olu highlighted the government’s efforts to support small and medium enterprises with financial aid.

“The prosperity of our people remains a priority. We aim to fortify Lagos as an economic hub while encouraging corporates not to lay off staff,” Sanwo-Olu emphasised, acknowledging the resilience and solidarity exhibited by Lagosians.

The governor applauded residents for their tolerance and support, emphasising the government’s commitment to distributing relief materials to all, irrespective of background, to mitigate the impact of inflation.

“This act of tolerance mirrors the spirit of unity among us. Let’s continue supporting the Lagos State Government’s efforts while respecting diverse opinions,” urged Sanwo-Olu, encouraging patience, tolerance, and understanding among residents.


He reaffirmed his administration’s dedication to the T.H.E.M.E.S Plus agenda, prioritising the well-being of all Lagosians.

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